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Tips for Home Buyers
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Tips for Home Buyers

As a service to my clients, I'll use this page to offer helpful advice about how to look at a property for sale.

There is no need to be overly stressed about finding a perfect house. Cracks and flaws are within everything and everyone. It does not mean that the house you like is not a perfectly wonderful new home that will bring years of happiness to your family.
Also there are many simple things one can do to improve the appearance of a property without spending a lot of money.

You might want to try meeting the prospective neighbors to see if there are children in the neighborhood about the same age as your kids. Asking a few simple questions will help break the ice before you even move in.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Take a large marble or steel ball bearing with you to your prospective home and set it on an uncarpeted area. If the marble rolls swiftly and crashes into the wall, there might be sloping foundation problems!

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