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About Our Business
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About Our Business

You may want to know more about my business than I can share on my home page, so I'll use this page to talk about my business in more detail.

Business Credentials:
Hi. I'm John Ellis. I hold the highest level of licensing available from TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission). As a Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector (Lic. # 5829), I have no other job. I work full time Monday through Saturday as a Home Inspector.
You have made a good decision to hire a competent professional home inspector. I have over 20 years experience in the home building industries. My expertise can help you to better understand and determine the true condition of the property you are considering buying.
I want you to have peace of mind and be fully informed.
During an inspection I can sometimes suggest simple repairs or inexpensive solutions to minor problems that you may not have considered. However, please know that it would be a conflict of interest for me to actually do any repairs or remodeling after I have pointed out the need for them.

Hand Written Report:
Here, I wish to include a brief statement about my philosophy, objectives and why I give you a hand written report.
I go around your entire house - inside and out - checking from top to bottom, and I write down what I find on a note pad. At the end of your inspection, I fill out your official report - on the spot. The written form I use surpasses TREC requirements. It has spaces under each check mark category for my specific hand written comments on my findings.
I don't like "computer generated" reports which have to be faxed to you the next day and do not let you hear my explanations, or have a space for hand written details.
I want to give you a "literal" report where I can write down in detail specific comments on what I find. That way, I can explain my comments - you can ask questions. There is clear communication - and you can have peace of mind by understanding the condition of your home.

About My Invitation:
I invite you to be present during your home inspection.
The inspection usually takes about two hours.  During the last thirty minutes, I will be writing up and delivering my report to you.   You can arrive at any time during those two hours and accompany me on your home inspection.
I can point things out as I go along.   You can ask questions.  Our dialogue could prove to be valuable to you, providing you with information and insight.  For example, you might not understand my written report saying, "vents underneath are plugged" - but if you are present - I will show you.
I will give a copy of your report to you and to your Realtor.
If for some reason you are unable to be present for your inspection, I will give your copy of the report to your Realtor, and your Realtor can share this information with you.
I am also happy to go over your report with you by phone if you are unable to be at the inspection but need the results explained to you.

Termite WDI & Security Check:
In addition to your Home Inspection, I can arrange for your new home to have a Termite WDI inspection.
"WDI" simply means "Wood Destroying Insect."
If your new home has a security system which you would like checked, I can arrange for the system to be evaluated and checked for proper functionability by a trained security technician. The security check is a free service to you by an independent security & alarm company.

Client Recommendations

A few comments from some of our many satisfied clients. For example:

"I loved the way you did your report and explained things to my buyer.
Other inspectors I've worked with scare my clients with their presentation!
Thanks, John."

"I was very satisfied with Check Mark from start to finish and I'm definately going to recommend you to people!"
Allan.... Home Buyer
"I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have doing the phase inspections on my OWN new home than you, John.  I just want to thank you for always going above and beyond for me and my buyers."
Diana.... Realtor
"Wow John, you sure poked around and looked at a lot of stuff I never would have had the nerve to do! You were awesome! Definately worth the price."
Sandra.... Home Buyer

"Thanks for answering all our questions and making me and my wife feel so comfortable with the process."
David.... Home Buyer
"Everyone just loves you, John.  My buyers always tell me they love how you treat them & how you do your inspections.  I'll definately keep calling you!" 
Stacey.... Realtor

"Every so often in life something will go just right and that's how your inspection was."
Scott.... Home Buyer
"Man, I never would have believed the things you found!  I'm recommending you to my friend.  Thanks for explaining things so well."
Julia.... Home Buyer 

HOME OFFICE: 972-625-3282